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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 04 9, 2012

Ask Alarm Will Wake You Up For Sure!

Ask Alarm provides a unique way to wake up!

Ask Alarm – Alec McLeod

At your chosen alarm time, Ask Alarm rings and asks you a skill-testing question. The alarm won’t stop ringing until that question is correctly answered ensuring a wakeful state when getting up.

Ask Alarm - Alec McLeod

Download the app and never be late again…

view the app details on the developers site at


here are a few codes  for now… the developer will provide some more in a few days so if you want one leave us a comment and we forward it to you.


Be sure to leave feedback on the developers iTunes page if you take a code

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  1. IveGotThis says:

    O sweet! been waiting for an app like this. Looks pretty good

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