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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 08 23, 2012

All-In Yoga – Daily tips for a healthy, stress free life













All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes – ARAWELLA CORPORATION

Everyday we do our best to tame the stress that plagues us from our work, relationships, and other aspects of our life. But for most of us, it is not just a challenge, but a genuine struggle. When burdened with anxiety and stress, we tend to blame, withdraw, obsess, and distract ourselves. Curing this vicious cycle is very easy if you practice yoga.

All-In Yoga app, simply installed on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, will not only provide you with a variety of great yoga workouts and inspiring yoga music, but will also give you effective, daily tips to improve your physical and emotional health and set yourself free from stress.

Yoga Workouts typically combine physical exercises and breathing techniques, which might seem simple at first glance. But the benefit from them is achieved only when you do them properly. That is why all the 300 workouts presented in the app are accompanied with detailed and clear audio, photo and video instructions, and are dedicated to different goals (health, body shape, etc.) to make your yoga practice effective. Another fun feature in the app is that you can create either a workout or an asana yourself and share it with your friends!

With the help of over 30 breathing exercises in the app for each level (from beginner to guru), you can master the art of navigating through stress very easily. The right breathing usually will effectively control your mood and inner condition to a large degree, so you can withstand any of life’s adversities with a decent, restrained manner, and not worry about hurting your nerves and to those around you.

The stuff you will certainly love in the app is some extra-premium content and options for your personal improvement and success in yoga: a colorful calendar with motivational quotes, inspiring tracks for relaxation and practicing, post-workout resting periods, and much more!

All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes - ARAWELLA CORPORATION

You can help yourself to embody grace under pressure and enjoy life – just try it!

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