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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 09 24, 2012

ArtStudio for illustrators

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ArtStudio for iPad – draw, paint and edit photo – Lucky Clan

We did a review on an app several months ago named Inspire which was a kickass sketching and drawing app of epic proportions… Skip to today and you’ll learn that we just completed a walkthrough of the ArtStudio iPad app. Both of these apps are awesome! There is no room to complain with either of them… You can draw anything from scratch with these digital canvasses.

Did we find differences in the performance, features, usability? Of course! But we found many similarities as well. This app I would venture to say is much closer to actually harvesting a photoshop type experience on a tablet. I just can’t help wondering who would of thought just a few short years ago we’d be drawing freehand or with stylus pens on mobile tablets like the iPad using apps designed to work like adobe photoshop.

With apps like these the future is now and you are only bound by your own abilities as the develops have thought of everything. The Art Studio app is also available for iphones but we reviewed the iPad version. In doing so I sent a complimentary promocode to my mother who is an accomplished artist and asked her to whip something up for us… Unfortunately I am still waiting ;-( Not because she doesn’t want to help out but because she doesn’t know how to use her iPad… Arghhh! So I turned to my 10 year daughter who fancies herself as a budding young artiste herself and thankfully has fully embraced the technology.

This is the result of her first effort…

It might seem simple enough but would you be surprised to learn the background and hair were penciled in by our 6 year old. Seriously!

The two worked feverishly on it. I did help a bit with the menu options and showed them how to create layers instead of using the undo feature which BTW also can also be used as a redo and has unlimited steps in either direction.

The toolkit on the side panel is very handy and easy to navigate into. You can select from 15 or so tools including pencil, wetbrush, dry paintbrush and a couple we used which were smudge, blur and spray.

I will say we were having a bit of difficulty with the select tool on pinch. Meaning we would use our thumb/index pinch motion outward to zoom in and a few times the app would leave a selection area on the screen. In fairness I have often noticed this happening to me in photoshop. The undo feature did not deselect so we used the crop option which seems to reset everything then off we’d go again. I stress this is not a big deal just thought I would mention it incase you get stuck and need a fix.

Another cool option the app has is the import feature which lets you place a photo on the canvas. You can then create layers to trace the photo add you own special touch to the piece. We are in the middle of a big project doing just this. The idea was to grab a picture taken of the family last year around christmas and customize the photo. We used one taken at a santa grotto which had all of us, Santa and even Ms. Claus in it.

We’ll post the results of that project at a later date once we get it completed but you get the idea. You do not necessarily need to be a great artist to create wonderful pieces of art with cool apps like this one. You can use technology to your advantage and get those creative wheels rolling real easy with the ArtStudio App.

As far as we are concerned Art Studio should come standard with every iPad. If you know anyone that is into doodling, freehand illustration or simply just loves to draw please recommend this to them. Better yet send them a link to the review so they can have a look.

The app is available in iTunes for both the iphone and ipad. It is a perfect drawing tool and a great resource.

The best news of all is the app is free to download from iTunes…

ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint and edit photo - Lucky Clan

Here are some free app codes for the ArtStudio Ipad App








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