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DATAMAN PRO Apps at Half price this week only!

SlapApp App News Flash… DataMan Pro – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag – XVision half price sale this week only! Johnny from Dataman Pro sent us an email over the weekend asking us to promote the fact that their two flagship utility apps were going on sale. I know you are thinking so...
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Sharing a bill with more than a couple of people is always a pain in the butt.  Everyone makes their best attempt to divide up the check, but in reality it’s like getting algebra tutoring from a D student.  Add to that the scenario where you’re the only one with a credit card, or one or two...
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The preciousVault app, developed by Garry Runke, is a precious metal manager for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It displays real-time quotes and values of your metals, like gold, silver, platinum, palladium. It can also calculate the gain and loss they achieved since purchased. preciousVault is a finance app...
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VAT and Discount

VAT and Discount is a handy finance app that allows you to calculate the percentage difference between two amounts. Developed by, VAT and Discount is divided into five categories: Calculating Discount, VAT Calculator, Increase Percent, Percentage Difference, and European VAT rates. Two clicks on...
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moneyStrands is a great tool to manage your personal finances. The main engine behind the app is a web based service at Through this web portal a user can add in all of their bank, credit card and other financial system accounts to be able to view and manage from one central...
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Inflation by Integrity Logic is an amusing little app that let’s you relive the good old days by comparing the prices of what things cost in the past and what they would cost if you bought them today. Using the app is simple. You select a beginning year and an ending year, and enter in a dollar amount...
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