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App Idol Competition Starts Now

We are pleased to be announce our support for this entrepreneurial exercise in excellence. If you have been sitting on the fence wondering how the heck you are going to ever get that great app idea of yours to market then we have the news you’ve been waiting for. In association with iPhoneAppCafe we...
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Temple Run

Temple Run – Imangi Studios, LLC Steal a sacred artifact in TEMPLE RUN by Imangi Studios and get chased to death by a horde of mutant monkeys in return. Fair enough. Though quite an absurd plot idea, it serves its basic purpose in setting the stage for one of the most addictive iOS games ever. This is...
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Proboards App Review Reveals Exactly What Makes A Great Utility App

ProBoards Screen SHot | Categories Are you what they term colloquially a “post count warrior”? Do you like interacting with thousands of others in a certain niche community? Or do you just want something else to while your time away online? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then...
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News Addict

Here’s a cool app that brings together all the news sources that matter into one convenient, super easy to use, news app.  News Addict, by TapMode gives you one touch access to 41 of the most relevant news sites and aggregates them into an extremely clean and user friendly interface.  Why mess...
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RSS Beacon

There are tons of different RSS reader apps out on the market that let you search, find, and broadcast feeds from various sites of your choosing so why on earth would you care about trying out another one?  Well, RSS Beacon, created by Get In Spring Ltd., brings a unique wrinkle to the traditional RSS...
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Missing Children

Missing Children really is an app that everyone should have. It’s your “take anywhere” missing children and Amber Alert reference. Missing Children let’s you quickly and easily view all missing children both locally and nationally. There’s a ‘Near Me’ feature that...
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