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Cool Universal Facts

Cool Universal Facts   If the sun ever became a black hole, it would be significantly smaller than our country but still have the power to swallow our beautiful blue planet, chilling news indeed. This, along with other seemingly wonderful but random facts about the universe beyond us can be found...
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Inspire Pro Draw App

Inspire Pro – Paint, Draw & Sketch – KiwiPixel For the budding artists out there, while Inspire Pro for the iPad may not make you the next Van Gogh it sure will help you deliver brilliant works of art. Taking Photoshop to a whole new level, Inspire Pro’s iPad version gives users a blank...
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Red Bull TV

Looking for action, adventure, extreme sports, and cultural events coverage? If so you’ll definitely want to check out the FREE Red Bull TV app . Sure it’s a marketing ploy for Red Bull to get it’s brand out to the public, but it also has some pretty neat programming that’s worth a...
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Traffic Rush

Traffic Rush is one of those games that keeps you coming back for more. There isn’t really too much to it, but that’s part of the appeal. The idea is to navigate traffic safely across a four-way intersection without crashing. The difficultly of the game will increase as more vehicles are thrown...
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Lion Pride

Lion Pride by Blue Fang Games is a strategic line-drawing game where you are guiding a pack of hungry lions on a hunt for unsuspecting prey. Ambush zebra, warthog, gazelle and buffalo and also fend off other competing predators as you quickly hunt to sustain your pack. Use simple finger gestures to control...
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Chop Chop Ninja

Chop Chop Ninja by Gamerizon is a 2D side-scroller game with rich and colorful cartoon style graphics, slick animations, and unique controls. Move your character with no joystick or buttons. All you need is a finger to run, jump, and fight! These intuitive controls are really a joy to use, and you’ll...
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