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Posted by Steve on 05 12, 2010

Creamy Ice

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Creamy Ice is a simplistic game that requires you to serve ice cream to your customers by tapping the correct ingredients in the right order. Match your ice cream creations exactly to the images displayed in a speedy manner to satisfy the customers endless cravings. As your ice cream business grows more flavors, bigger stores and larger order’s will be introduced.

Creamy Ice doesn’t require much skill. Each customer comes with a specific ice cream order in mind. This is shown as a picture to the right. It’s your job to match the picture exactly as it’s shown by tapping the correct ingredients in the right order. Mess up and the order is thrown out which means it’s time to start over. Take too long and the customer becomes annoyed and storms off. But do this quick enough and receive money (or points). You start off with only 4 items to select from (a cone, 2 flavors and whip cream) but as the game advances more combinations are provided to enhance the difficulty (up to 12 in all).

This game is geared more towards a younger generation. Kids should get a kick out of the fun cartoon graphics and ice cream based theme, but adults may find it too repetitive to keep their interest for extended periods of time. That along with the theme lend this one to be a better fit for younger players. In terms of additional features, the sound effects work well but one thing that seemed to be missing is music. It would be nice to have a music ON/OFF selection as well in the settings page.

ThumbFire, the app’s developer, did mix it up by providing 3 game modes (Career, Endurance and Time Trials) to add some additional value and replay appeal. Endurance and Time Trial mode are locked until you advance in the Career mode. Creamy Ice should appeal nicely to a certain niche of gamers out there. If you enjoy sequence based games like Dactyl or Whac-A-Mole then this one should fit right up your alley. Open up that ice cream shop and prepare to be bombarded with hungry customers.


  • Easy to handle one-finger-gameplay
  • Suitable for everybody from 5 to 99 years
  • Career-mode with many achievements to unlock
  • Two additional game-modes: time trial and endurance

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Posted by Steve
on 05 12, 2010
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