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Posted by Ryan Johnson on 03 9, 2010

Doodle Blitz

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Watch out  below because we’re droppin BOMBS!  Doodle Blitz by Ivan Mackintosh is all about reenacting World War II blitzkrieg operations by clearing out entire sketchbook cities using a biplane armed with not so precision bombs.  The premise of Doodle Blitz is very simple.  A biplane flies continuously across the screen, inching lower and lower toward the buildings below.  You’ve got to time your bomb drops perfectly so that you can level all of the  buildings before you crash into them.  The fewer shots it takes you to destroy all of the buildings the more points you earn.

Doodle Blitz

Doodle Blitz offers 5 different game modes: Standard, Fast, Behind Clouds, Machine Gun, and Double Bomb.  Standard is the default game-play, in Fast mode your plane moves across the screen quicker (which I personally like best), Behind Clouds makes the game trickier because you can’t see your plane behind the clouds which makes it harder to line up your bomb drops with the grid in the game’s graph paper-like background, Machine Gun gives you a small out if you didn’t demolish a building early enough because you can fire off 3 shots from a machine gun to clear out a building in front of you that you would otherwise crash into, and Double Bomb which basically lets you drop two bombs, one after another, instead of just one at a time as in the other game modes.  As you can tell by the descriptions, some modes have advantages and dissadvantages, and ultimately I think most will choose one of them as their go-to and will play that mode more often than not.

Doodle Blitz

Doodle Blitz starts out really slow.  I got the hang of it pretty quickly and was able to destroy all of the buildings in the first 5-6 levels with no problem whatsoever.  Once you get around level 10 the game starts to get much more challenging.  As you advance, the buidings appear in greater number and keep getting taller and taller.  In the first few levels a single bomb will knock a building to the ground, but as the buildings get taller it requires more than one direct hit to destroy them.  Because you’re limited to the number of bombs you can drop for each pass across the screan, the game becomes increasingly challenging, and requires strategy and precision timing to advance.

Doodle Blitz

It took me a while to catch on to Doodle Blitz because it starts out so slow and appears to be very easy.  However, if you stay patient and get through the first 5-6 levels then it actually becomes much harder and is pretty addictive.  I found myself wanting to keep going back to see if I could out do my previous high score.  The part of the game that I like the least is that it starts you out in the beginning everytime you play it.  The beginning is so slow and easy that it gets old fast.

Doodle Blitz

While playing Doodle Blitz I noticed a couple of quirks with bomb dropping.  For example in all modes except Double Bomb you’re only supposed to be able to launch one bomb at a time, but I was able to launch a second rogue bomb if I waited long enough.  A noticed the same thing in Double Bomb mode.  I was able to launch a third bomb if I timed it right.  If you’re trying to rack up accuracy bonus points then you’ll want to be mindful of how many times you touch the screen because rogue bombs typically don’t hit targets, therefore they end up negatively impacting your accuracy bonus.

In summary, Doodle Blitz by no means will blow you away, and it’s by no means perfect, but it is a catchy little game if you give it some time.  I think if you like this type of game (simple, 80′s esque, but still challenging) and play it for about five minutes, you’ll probably like it.


  • Not complicated to play, great for kids
  • It gets challenging, especially after level 10
  • Open Feint


  • There are some quirks in the game (ex. you can launch 2 bombs when you’re only supposed to be able to launch 1)
  • You start at the beginning of the game everytime you play instead of picking up where you left off
  • You can’t pause the game during play

Version Reviewed: 1.5

Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch; iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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Posted by Ryan Johnson
on 03 9, 2010
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