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Posted by Ryan Johnson on 05 27, 2010

Free iPad Promo Codes for ArtStudio for iPad!

It’s time to use your iPad for what it’s meant for!  ArtStudio for iPad is a truly professional art and drawing application.  With this app you can paint, sketch, and create art with pinpoint precision.  Using advanced mathmatics to attain peak performance, ArtStudio allows you to draw with the precision of a pencil and to paint with the elegance and touch of the finest paint and paint brushes using only your finger.

Lucky Clan was kind enough to provide is with 45 free promo codes for their top selling ArtStudio for iPad drawing and painting application.  I for one really love this app and know that you will too.  Please do me a favor, because we’re dealing with so many codes it’s really important that if you take a code you note which one you took in the comments section below (ex. I took #1).  Please don’t make people try all the codes!

We’ll be giving away 5 codes per hour today, so if you miss a post make sure to keep your eyes glued to our Twitter feed and Facebook page for the next post.  Big ups to Lucky Clan for providing the free codes!  Please make sure to thank them with your best iTunes review.  Thanks and enjoy!

  1. WTNPMAA6HYL3 (taken)
  2. WYYF634WJRW6 (taken)
  3. FMJR6EAMREAN (taken)
  4. KTJP4M9X4NYF (taken)
  5. 9JXJ3TT4EJTT (taken)
  6. LRHMME4F3H4T (taken)
  7. P7JM4R7KAHNP (taken)
  8. EP4YR637TYXK (taken)
  9. 36F3PEHHMY6K (taken)
  10. YEM7EPM346FN (taken)
  11. RYEJ7AX9TR99 (taken)
  12. MHX4Y4XT6ANL (taken)
  13. ER9RRLYLJMEW (taken)
  14. EKMLHJM9XX9M (taken)
  15. KKXPJ3X6XY4T (taken)
  16. PXRHPAHLHNN6 (taken)
  17. YLRE3Y44P96A (taken)
  18. 6HYFA4YEHP4A (taken)
  19. NARL3Y3KAR3M (taken)
  20. 6RWLPMKFM93Y (taken)
  21. WR4T3F9PLX3J (taken)
  22. MLALTTA4WYMF (taken)
  23. 6EEK6APAEH3T (taken)
  24. A6AKHKRPRJH9 (taken)
  25. WJH47XRNM6NN (taken)
  26. XK3ENRMEALR6 (taken)
  27. RL3HAXPKKMK3 (taken)
  28. J943AHH97FFK (taken)
  29. KPWHF9KWH7X4 (taken)
  30. 6WEJYLP7YPPW (taken)
  31. 9L7H4ANATYER (taken)
  32. EYKJ3RYTAYN9 (taken)
  33. YFXMA7Y96AE7 (taken)
  34. 3TMXFFNM3TMT (taken)
  35. YLW4TLAMYA3A (taken)
  36. 39K3PW37METK (taken)
  37. 3EM6HELX37N3 (taken)
  38. KWHJYYNNK3XP (taken)
  39. NXFL447HF9FA (taken)
  40. XWYWFFKALP4K (taken)
  41. X6THTTHAEWN7 (taken)
  42. 7JYJRW9NP6NE (taken)
  43. 6LE47NNMMKL6 (taken)
  44. YXX7YLKREWRJ (taken)
  45. NWWK3973ERLF (taken)

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Posted by Ryan Johnson
on 05 27, 2010
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20 Responses to “Free iPad Promo Codes for ArtStudio for iPad!”

  1. bart says:

    bart used code MHX4Y4XT6ANL — let's try this puppy out!

  2. Ryan says:

    Used #14… thanks!

  3. cympaul90 says:

    used # 6

  4. Dizzle says:

    #7 used. Thanks!

  5. iMarc says:

    Thanks! Used code #17

  6. Mario says:

    #19 used. Thanks

  7. Reddbrenn says:

    Took #13. Thanks. Great app.

  8. Ray says:

    Took #29. Thanks!

  9. Dave says:

    took code # 27. Thanks!

  10. Detlef says:

    used #35 Thx!

  11. karyzma says:

    Used #43 Thanks!

  12. Carl says:

    Doh! US store only!

  13. Jessica Meier says:

    user #42

  14. Ted serreyn says:

    YFXMA7Y96AE7 used

  15. msal says:

    Used #30 Thanks!

  16. dIP says:

    Dip used #40. Thank you so much

  17. John Cowan says:

    I took #37

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