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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 03 27, 2012

BabyGhost – Free App Codes Giveaway

iPhone app review

Baby Ghost – Sungwook Kim

In this jumper app BabyGhost needs to collect gems to save her mother from a perilous outcome. Each level requires babyghost to collect a minimum of 10 gems. The gems get bigger as you collect more of them which makes it easier for the creatures who are trying to stop babyghost so beware and keep alert… A hint: the balloons shelter you from harm and carry you higher up through the clouds. Don’t you just love balloon rides?

It seems the creatures have an affinity for gems and don’t mind eating BabyGhost to quench their tastebuds! They must be related to my wife, hahaha!

Anyway this is a fun and challenging jumper that has some surprises along the way.

The free codes are here…  These added on March 27th. We have more if you need them. Please go to the developers itunes site and rate the app to show some thanks for the free codes. Cheers!


Baby Ghost - Sungwook Kim

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  1. Ghost Baby Before installing this app. i felt the name itself this app gonna be a good. Really Its a nice app

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