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Posted by Ryan Johnson on 03 11, 2010


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Let’s face it, if you’re on Twitter or Facebook you’re spending hours a day from home and work chatting with your peeps and posting status updates.  iGift4u, created by SiVola LLC, is a convenient “all in one” app that lets you effortlessly send tons of cool posts to your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter!  With this app you can do things like update your status with jokes, quotes, emoticons, virtual gifts, pictures, videos, and more.  For me this is great because I usually have nothing cool to say.  With iGift4u I can quickly scroll though a long list of funny jokes or classic quotes and post something that my peeps actually enjoy.


In a way it’s kind of hard for me to explain what iGift4u is.  I mean, there are apps like this out there, but this is like the mother of them all.  It’s literally packed to the gills with a seemingly limitless arsenal of status update material.  You can type your own status update and have it posted immediately to Twitter or Facebook, you can choose from a huge database of famous quotes that are searchable by category, author, keyword, and favorites, a huge database of quotes (blond jokes being my favorite), you can search for videos on YouTube and post them, you can search for images online and post them, you can post fresh pics snapped from your camera or can browse and post from your image gallery, you can view all of your Facebook friends birthdays (literally everybody’s) and can send them a custom gift or event.  You can even purchase an optional music player upgrade that imports songs from your iPod and provides you with lyrics, can run a search on YouTube for any related videos, and can post a status update telling all your friends and followers what song you’re listening too.  Whew, I’m out of breath!  See what I mean?  iGift4u is basically the equivalent of a social networking Swiss Army knife!


Summary of Features (10 apps in one):

  • Symbols + Flip app
  • Music Player app (available through in app purchase)
  • Quotes app
  • YouTube app
  • Virtual Gifts app
  • Birthdays app
  • Emoticons app
  • Image Search app (locates pics on Bing using keywords)
  • Pictures app (loads up your pics)
  • Jokes app (lots of good ones)


Overall I was pretty impressed with iGift4u.  It totally works, and definitely has helped not only made my Facebook statuses much more relevant and interesting, but it makes it so easy to do that you keep going back to it.  I do think there’s room for some improvement on the interface though.  It took me a while to figure out how to actually post my status update.  It could just be me, but I found a joke that I liked, pressed the send button, selected Facebook as my update option, and from there expected it to be posted.  But what happens is that you go to a screen that lists out your Facebook friends which gives you the impression that you have to pick somebody to send it to, which I found confusing.  There’s a send button at the bottom right that’s greyed out which I pressed a few times with no result.  Eventually I exited the app and went to Facebook to see if it worked and it didn’t.  After further inspection I noticed at the top there’s an area that says Update My Status, but it isn’t exactly called out and in my opinion is drowned out by the presence of all of your friends list.  This page could definitely use some reworking.  Additionally I found the music player option to be cool, but when I searched for approximately 20 songs worth of lyrics the app only returned one.  Hopefully these things get improved upon in future releases.


All in all I must say that iGift4u is an excellent app for the money.  You get an aweful lot for just $0.99.  If you’re an avid status updater and tweeter then you’ll love this app.


  • Works well and is a great value
  • Database of jokes, quotes, emoticons, etc. is vast
  • The birthdays list generated from Facebook is priceless


  • May take you a few tries to get the hang of updating your status
  • The UI flow could be more user friendly

Version Reviewed: 3.1

Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch; iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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Posted by Ryan Johnson
on 03 11, 2010
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