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Posted by Rich DeBell on 04 24, 2010

iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore Chart

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Finding a fun and unique way to reward your children to can be a tricky thing. In the end isn’t it much better to promote positive actions and achievements with rewards then to simply punish bad deeds. iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore Chart is a fantastic new app available for your iPhone or iPod Touch which enables parents to efficiently and easily manage this task.

iRewardChart has some excellent features built in to manage all things with regards to reinforcing and promoting positive behavior. These include:

Individual profiles for your children: When you first fire up the app, you’ll be asked to enter your child’s name, photo, and a set of tasks they are charged with on a weekly basis.

Stars: iRewardChart uses a star system. Simply enough when your child does an assigned task they get a star. You can manage this on a daily basis, and track past history. These stars are the app’s currency. The better your kids behave, the more stars they earn.

Balance and Payout: You can track all your child’s stars by going to the balance section. This is the star bank for your kids. Once your child builds enough stars they can cash out their stars for rewards in the Payout section. There are many preset rewards, but as a parent you also have the abiltiy to edit these and create your own.  Some examples would include: 5 stars for icecream or 50 stars for a trip to the zoo. This really reminds me of going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid and trading in the coupons for prizes. The great thing is the child has control over what and when they earn a reward.

iRewardChart is a very useful app to have available to you as a parent. It’s makes it extremely easy to organize your children’s tasks and provide them with an incentive laden system to work hard. This in my opinion is a fantastic early lesson in a real world adult situation. Work hard (do your tasks) and save your money (stars) and you can afford luxury’s (toys, trips etc.). I would love to see some future enhancements that enable the parent to sync and manage their children via a web system as well. This would provide an end to end useful system any parent could use, and the iPhone app is just a huge bonus.

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Posted by Rich DeBell
on 04 24, 2010
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7 Responses to “iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore Chart”

  1. irewardchart says:

    Thank you for a wonderful review. Would love people to download the FREE version and talk about their feedack here.
    We also launched a new version 3days back with a Facebook integration, so would love to hear feedback.

  2. Rich says:

    My pleasure. It's a great app

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  4. Rachel says:

    Just what I need, but am on android… hope you develop one for that platform one day.

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  6. Fifi says:

    I like the app. However, I would like to see 2 improvements in the future update. First of all, I would like to have a way of creating a "master" reward list. The default one is too rigid to use. I end up deleting all of them and creating my own. I don't mind doing that if I have only one kid. But I have 3!!! I have to do it 3 times. That's tideous! Creating and using a master list with options to modify would be useful. Secondly, once reward is given due to certain behaviours, you can't delete those behaviours from the list anymore. Not even after I've deleted all the children's names and started from scratch. If these 2 areas can be improved, then it deserved 5 stars

  7. Tim says:

    Wonderful app. remember it is only intended at this point to be used in one week cycles. Would be really nice to have an expanded program that would work on your computer and store history. Data entry from your phone is fantastic but limited to one device or parent. If there were a way to sync with the main program it would be amazing.
    Keep up the good work.

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