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Posted by Steve on 03 31, 2010

Lion Pride

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Lion Pride by Blue Fang Games is a strategic line-drawing game where you are guiding a pack of hungry lions on a hunt for unsuspecting prey. Ambush zebra, warthog, gazelle and buffalo and also fend off other competing predators as you quickly hunt to sustain your pack. Use simple finger gestures to control your lions; either slowly stalk in stealth mode or quickly run and attack! Another cool feature is the ability to tag-team prey by controlling multiple lions at a time.

Lion pride delivers strategic game play in a fun and clever way . The safari theme should appeal to most users and the overall replay value is good. Not only do you have a decent amount of levels to play, but you can also revisit older levels in attempts to top your old score. The line drawing functionality is quite accurate and intuitive.  I was able to pick up the controls within a matter of minutes. Check out the video above for the full review.

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Posted by Steve
on 03 31, 2010
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