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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 07 13, 2012

MultiTap Numeric Keyboard

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MultiTap Text – Norway Distribution

Multitap just updated their app and have made significant improvements to the text editor. Last time we reviewed the app we thought it was cool. It defintiely has some great features but the T9 smart text editor was a fail. This time around they have greatly improved the app and we are happy to announce that this time they have got it going on!


We totally recommend this app for a quick kickass texting solution.

If you miss the old style numeric keypads then this app is for you. The primary use of the app is to speed up your typing ability as the app captures the tap motion of the numeric pads exceptionally well and adds a few features that are easily accessible through its popup menu.

You can use the app to create messages then send via text or email through your device as the app syncs with your contacts to make the process super simple.T9 mode is sweet but still has

My favorite feature of course is the T9 which for those of you that do not know this terminology is the function that auto fills your words as you type. I know I know, the devices built in QWERTY keyboard has an auto fill function as well but the Multi Tap feature makes it a bit easier to flip through the choices of words you want filled in.

Other cool features

Texting – This app makes it blazingly fast to text your peeps… especially with the new and improved version
Caplocks – Fulltime or tap as you go
Traditional Numeric Keypad – Like dialing a phone instead of the across the top of the QWERTY pad which I find to be a bit of nuisance.

MultiTap Text - Norway Distribution

here are some free app codes. remember to thank the developers by posting feedback on their iTunes page it really helps them out


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