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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 03 28, 2012

Paddle Fighter

Paddle Fighter – Unimportant Games

A tribute to Atari’s classic game of Pong! Paddle Fighter is racket sports taken to the extreme – You’re not just trying to hit the ball, but your opponent as well.


Choose from 8 different paddles, each with it’s own unique set of skills and abilities. This is pong like you’ve never known it: Blast your opponents with balls of flames, freeze them in ice, fool them by changing the ball’s flight path, protect yourself with spiked armour, and much more. But wait, you need to be able to grab those skills first!


Grudge Match mode for 2 players to battle it out!
Practice against 5 levels of AI
8 unique paddles to master
More than 24 different skills at your disposal
Endless FUN!

Paddle Fighter - Unimportant Games

These codes are for iPad’s only so please don’t take them unless you have one. Be sure to hit iTunes and leave a rating for the developers to show your appreciation. Have fun as this one is a zinger! Fast moving fun… But then again I remember playing pong on a black white tube tv! Ooops, showing my age ;-)


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