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Posted by Ryan Johnson on 11 26, 2009

Park’n Find

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Whether you’re fighting the masses on Black Friday in search of unbeatable deals, or just heading down to your local mega mall to stock up on some threads, one thing’s for sure, the only thing you should spend time searching for are bargains and not your car!  Park’n Find navigation app for iPhone ensures you’ll never waste time searching for your car again!  This amazingly handy app is jam packed with every feature imaginable to make finding your car in any parking lot and garage a breeze.  No exaggeration, Park’n Find iPhone app will not only save you time, but can also save you from pesky parking tickets!

Park'n Find for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Navigation)

Park’n Find is super easy to use.  All it takes is a single touch to record the location of your car.  The app uses the iPhone’s GPS technology to automatically record the longitude and latitude of your location.  From there you can quickly add a description, set meter reminders if you’re in a timed parking space, record the level, section, row, and spot number if you’re in a parking garage or large parking lot, you can even record voice memos, and take pictures.  Not to mention it also includes an auto zoom feature for the GPS map so with just one touch you can see a close up overhead view of where you parked.  This app is stacked!

Park'n Find for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Navigation)

After you save your location, finding your car couldn’t be easier.  All entries are displayed newest to oldest.  If you took a picture it’s conveniently displayed alongside your entry.  With one touch Park’n Find displays all info for that location including the date/time, how much time that’s elapsed since you parked, the exact location including a zoomed in GPS map view, tells you your distance from your car, a built in compass shows you what direction to go to find your car (compass only available for iPhone 3G S), if you recorded a voice memo a play button is displayed so you can listen to it, and if you took a picture you can easily view it.  This sounds like a lot to think about, but let me tell you, it’s not.  Park’n Find is remarkably easy to use.  It’s interface is extremely intuitive, so much so, that even the most inexperienced iPhone user could figure it out in seconds.  I’m telling you this app is so perfect it’s like a gift from parking garage heaven!

Park'n Find for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Navigation)

Park’n Find, created by Affinicore, Inc.,  is hands down the easiest and smartest way to find your car.  So far I’ve used Park’n Find at a large outlet mall near my house and in downtown Washington, D.C..  It worked flawlessly for each.  No bugs, no weird glitches, no want for more features, nothing.  I was intrigued by how easy Park’n Find is to use and how much it came in handy.  For instance, parking in D.C. is a total pain.  Not only is there little to no available street parking, but the police are like hawks and the second your meter expires there’s a $25 ticket waiting for you under your windshield wiper.  Using Park’n Find, I logged my location and set myself a meter reminder with just one touch and a flick.  I walked 5 blocks to a restaurant, enjoyed my meal, my iPhone dinged when it was time to go, I paid my check, and then had perfect directions back to my car.  How can you beat that?  You can’t!

Park'n Find for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Navigation)

Let’s be honest.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a twice a week shopper, once a year shopper, or just live in an area where parking is a pain, Park’n Find is an iPhone app we all could use.  I’m definitely keeping this baby on my iPhone, I recommend you do the same.  Not to mention, that at only $0.99 it’s a ridiculously good bargain!

09/30/2010 – Park’n Find 3.0 just released!  It’s bigger and better than ever!  Check it out!

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Posted by Ryan Johnson
on 11 26, 2009
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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by slapapp: Parkn Find #navigation #app for #iPhone ensures youll never lose your car at the mall again! | #BlackFriday…

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