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Posted by Ryan Johnson on 12 10, 2009


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PeopleFlasher brings an all new twist to social networking apps that may just help you meet your next girlfriend or hail your next cab.  People Flasher essentially turns your iPhone into a flashing sign so you can communicate your thoughts or needs with others quietly and clearly from across the room, across the street, or across the globe.  You can customize the font, color, flash and scroll speed of your messages, and can select from one of forty different languages to display them in.  You can choose to write your own custom messages, or in the sake of time can just choose one from the wide list of preset messages.

PeopleFlasher PeopleFlasher

People Flasher, created by VisiComm, doesn’t fit the mold of what most would consider to be a Social Networking app.  It’s not an all new app designed to compete with Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, or anything like that.  This app is focused solely on making in person communication easier and more effective.  The areas where this app is helpful is when you’re trying to get someone elses attention.  So like restaurants, clubs, parties, events, bus stops, hailing a taxi, emergency situations, traveling in foreign countries, things like that.  Instead of yelling, flailing your arms wildly, and jumping up and down, you can now create a flashing sign on your iPhone to get someones attention.  So if you find yourself in Turkey needing to flag down a mini bus, or in a local bar wanting to get the attention of a pretty girl across from you, PeopleFlasher helps you get their attention easily and clearly.

In addition to the standard message creating and display options of PeopleFlasher, it also includes World Flash.  World Flash displays the messages that other users are flashing from all over the globe.  It’s very similar to the global listening feature that made Ocarina so popular.  If you like the idea of checking out other peoples flashes then you’ll probably like this feature a lot.  I found the feature to be okay, but for the most part, since the messages that people display in PeopleFlasher are really short, I didn’t find it all that amusing.


Overall we found PeopleFinder to actually work.  At first glance we thought there was no way this app would ever be useful, however after taking it to the streets we were proven wrong.  The flashing screen is very noticeable, and the messages it displays are surprisingly legible, even from relatively long distances.  For the app to be most effective we recommend only using it at night or in dimmly lit places.  The areas where we think the app could be improved would be for the look of the interface to be upgraded.  Even though the end result is a colorful flashing image, the interface itself is rather plain.  Aside from minor tweaks here and there, PeopleFlasher does exactly what it says it does.  If you live in an urban area, are a frequent traveler to countries where you don’t know the language, or are a young high school or college aged individual, you may really like this app.  At a minimum you’ll be able to hail cabs faster and will probably generate quite a few laughs and conversations when you bust the app out.

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Posted by Ryan Johnson
on 12 10, 2009
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