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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 09 24, 2012

PowerCam HD is Shades of Fun

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So we were lucky enough to have the developers of powercam reach out to us and ask us to review their PowerCam HD app which has quite a stellar reputation. If you are a digital photography buff chances are you already have the app. For the rest of you this is your queue to get in line and grab it as it’s worth every penny.

PowerCam™ HD – Wondershare Software Co., Ltd

In case you are not familiar with the app here are some staggering statistic which should compel you to become much more familiar it

1. It’s listed as a STAFF FAVORITE in iTunes – This means the Apple staff that reviews all app submissions has identified this one as one of their favorites and these people are reviewing a ton of apps…

2. Of course it has been routinely billed as “APP OF THE WEEK” on iTunes

3. The app is #1 in 100 Countries – WOW!

4. Over 30 million downloads in just 6 months… Cha-Ching ;-)

So as I was saying this app kicks some serious butt! Why? I would guess its popularity is mainly due to its ability to add realtime effects to PHOTO and VIDEO files. Though I wouldn’t stop there as the app is rich with useful tools to help you alter the appearances of the images you are capturing regardless of whether or not they are STILL IMAGES or VIDEO FOOTAGE captured from your Ipad or iPhone camera.

Lets get into some more of the reasons why… (see the walkthrough video below)

Most photo, video and image editors need a source file to edit. Not this app you set the filters in advance and can fine tune them before you snap the shot… You obviously can edit the image after its been captured so its not a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach it just ads one more layer of creativity between the pre and post editing processes.

The menus are many and though this would seem to be a disadvantage to you menu phobes out there the real truth is the menus are easily accessible, well placed and extremely simple to navigate.

In capture mode I liken the experience to Augmented Reality Apps where the buttons appear to be residing on top of the realtime images your lens is displaying on the devices screen. These buttons are additional options which allow you to select the type of filters and/or effects you hope to capture. I would state that it takes a small bit of time for the lens to readjust to the filter so being patient and having a steady hand is advised. In some cases I am noticing that the app takes a few seconds to adjust its focus when switching from one filter type to the next. This is not a big issue in my eyes and would be expected. The only reason I bring it up is because some of you might think the app is not functioning properly when in fact it is it is simply reclibrating itself based on a new set of parameters.

Sharing… Why not, after all the number one past time of facebook users is to share images of themselves, their friends and their families. This app has a very simple straight forward share feature. The best thing of all it works! We see a lot of apps where the feature exist but the delivery sucks. Not with this one :-) Plus you can batch upload and share photos or video to facebook, instagram, twitter, flickr, tumbler, youtube or simply email the files. If you want the photos in your photo album you will have to push them there as the app does not store the images in your devices built in apple photos app.

All in all this is by far one of the best apps we have laid our hands on. I actually owe the company a favor… That’s because my wife loves it… And when she’s happy I’m happy if you know what I mean so thanks guys for a great product…

BTW – The PowerCam HD APP is free to download for ipads and iphones from iTunes so what are you waiting for? go get it now… hurry up!

PowerCam™ HD - Wondershare Software Co., Ltd

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