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Posted by Steve on 04 29, 2010

Ring Runner

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Patience my son, PATIENCE! Patience is just what you’ll need in Ring Runner by Octane Technologies. In this game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad you must successfully navigate your ring by guiding it through wires of different paths and colors without touching the edges. As the screen slowly moves across, you’ll have to control your ring by moving it left, right, up and down, as well as rotating the ring with the button control set in the lower left corner. It will take a combination of using these two methods of control simultaneously to get good enough to advance. As you navigate your ring across the wires, pick up bonus items along the way like dollar points, shield protectors, a sizer bonus that enlarges your ring, or stars that give extra life and add 50 points to the overall score.

The name of the game is to have a steady hand and a whole lot of patience. Think back to the old classic “Operation” where you couldn’t touch the edges of the game board as you attempted to pluck out pieces. If you did a startling ZAP would scream out and you would lose a turn. Well Ring Runner has the same premise, but you are guiding a ring though an ever twisting wire obstacle while the screen slowly moves to the right. You touch the edge and you lose a ring. Touch the edge too many times and GAME OVER. Of course Ring Runner gives you a vibration shock, followed by a loud alarm & “Ouch graphic” every time you mess up; which is a bit startling, but adds to the overall value. The game is definitely challenging and you’ll need to exhibit composure and perseverance to get through it.

Ring Runner did a good job of providing colorful and unique themes with the level designs. There are six terrains in all and three levels within each. You need to complete each terrain three times (each level becoming increasingly harder) before you can advance to the next terrain. This feature differs from a lot of other games out there. In Ring Runner you basically have to complete the terrains on easy, medium, and hard in order to advance where in more conventional games its an option. Some players may find this repetitive.

The music in Ring Runner has left something to be desired. It sounds a bit generic and “canned”. It also becomes too repetitive. Another issue with Ring Runner is the “enable game sound” option that pops up every time you launch the app. This should be an option selection in the settings menu page, not a pop up feature every time the app opens. The game’s controls are pretty accurate. For additional value I would have liked to see the option of controlling the ring via the accelerometer in addition to the current control set. This feature could bring more interactivity and engagement to the gaming experience.

Ring Runner will need to add in more levels with future updates. The developer has it set up so that you need to complete each terrain three times before you can advance so really you have 18 levels of progressive difficulty in all to play (six levels total), but the game will need more variety to keep your interest for extended replay appeal. The app is quite challenging overall. It’s a unique idea and has potential to be a really slick game if refined. As of now, I’d recommend it to players that enjoy “finesse” type games that possess a steady finger and a stable temper.

Game features:

  • Six different Terrains with 3 levels each; providing 18 levels of progressive difficulty
  • Challenging, exciting and addictive game play to keep you on the edge of the seat
  • Multiple power-ups to boost your score
  • Colorful and attractive graphics adding to visual appeal
  • Soothing background sounds blending well into the game
  • Intuitive and easy learning– no instruction manual needed
  • Facebook connectivity to post scores and challenge your friends

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Posted by Steve
on 04 29, 2010
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