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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 11 4, 2012

Sell your textbooks with bookbuyback

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BookBuyBack – Pure Creations, Inc.

The book buy back app is the opposite twin of the text book me app. Both were purpose built and designed by the same development team. These IOS iPhone / iPad apps fill the gap in buying or selling your next text book online.

So what is the bookbuyback app and how can you benefit from it? Well, book buy back the app is a utility app used to search for online sellers who are interested in purchasing your titles.

It’s a great idea and certainly has a place in the marketplace but from a practical point we had some difficulty finding titles that generated any offers. This may be because we are UK based and the books we are using are not for sale in the US market.

A recommendation to the development team would be for them to add a classifieds section so that sellers can off load them to anyone. This could solve the zero results after scan issue. This same principle could be applied to their other app text book me as well. Only in this case they would let peeps put a call out for text books they are looking for.

Anyway, more about the app…

  1. Navigation is simple as there are only a few core pages to deal with.
  2. To locate buyers for your text books you can enter the title, the author, the ISBN number or simply scan the books bar code
  3. The app keeps track of all your searches without any interaction from you so it is easy to go back to your archives and refresh the search to see if any better offers appear.

With loads of resellers constantly on the look out for used textbook inventory the book buy back app should be a real handy way to offload your used or unwanted textbooks. Keep an eye for future updates you never know if the developers will include the listing services we recommend.

BookBuyBack - Pure Creations, Inc.

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