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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 09 3, 2012

Sheep Dash

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Sheep Dash – SocioLabs SpA.

What a great little app. I mean it’s meaningless and won’t save the world but it is fun never the less. The graphics are great, the animal characters are intuitive and there is always something new popping out at you. The developers out did themselves with all the little accent pieces they have tossed in to circumvent your efforts to foil the wolfs appetite.

Sheep Dash Iphone and ipad app review from Slapapp slideshow

So here is the story line, which at first I thought was a bit corny but now that I have had a chance to walkthrough the app I am all in.

The object is to capture the bad wolf before he gets away with all the lambs. That’s it, simple enough right? Well it’s not really that simple!

First off to hinder your efforts and aid the wolf the developers have given the grinning furber a head start so your chasing after him from the get go. Which is exactly the opposite of say classics chasers like Temple Run or even an new one we have been enjoying known as subway Surf. I really don’t want to spoil the fun so I am not going to mention any cheats for you you’ll just have to figure it out for yourself as you go.

All I can say is that the app is sticky fun, my kids are digging it and frankly so am I. Well done to the team that took the time to slap this app together. I’d say as mindless time sucker apps goes this ones at the top of the heap.

Get it on iTunes today. It’s really great craic!

Sheep Dash - SocioLabs SpA.

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