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Posted by Steve on 07 15, 2009


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Styx is a creative new arcade-puzzle game for the iPhone with extremely easy gameplay and ultra responsive touch controls. The goal of the game is to try and make the longest path possible by stringing together gems, fruits and other items. The longer paths you create, the more points you rack up! The simplistic nature of the game lends to its addictive nature. You feel compelled to keep going and going! At a first glance the game may seem too easy, but things really heat up as you the advance to higher levels.

The game has many similar characteristics to that of  the famous Tetris, though the app leverages the iPhones touch screen controls which provide a more interactive user experience. Drag your finger in any direction in order to draw a path and connect as many similar shapes together as possible. The load time during start up is a bit on the slow side, but once that main menu screen pops up the application is very responsive, quick, and to the point. Arcade like power-ups and 29 medals for you to unlock add to the overall experience.

Some additional features include: 2 game modes, 6 tile sets to play with, numerous power-ups, up to 5 user profiles, online Hall of Fame, hi-score lists, 60 frame per second update rate, an auto save function, and iPod music mode: listen to your favorite music while playing the game!

Styx is probably one of the most addictive and original arcade-puzzle games out today for the iPhone. You will understand the concept of how to play the game within the first minute, yet the game still holds its value as you try to top previous scores. Even the best of players will still find challenges awaiting them. With its flashy graphics, responsive touch controls and infinite number of levels, we are sure that this app will provide you with hours of entertainment. Get it today at the app store!

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Posted by Steve
on 07 15, 2009
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