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Posted by jmcclain0129 on 10 19, 2012

TextbookMe is great for comparing textbook prices

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TextbookMe – The Cheap Textbook Search Engine – Pure Creations, Inc.

Textbook Me is a price comparison app dedicated to sourcing out the best textbook buys on the net. The app itself has a fresh simple interface that is extremely easy to navigate.

When you launch the app it immediately displays a brief how to as seen in the screenshot above. You really only have a couple of options with this app as it is all about zeroing in on the text books you are looking for.

Searches results are grouped in batches of 10 and the seller’s list is sort from lowest to highest price. The price pages also gives the name of the site selling the book and of course a link to access their buy page.

To get started simply type in the title, author’s name or an ISBN number. The system will search for textbooks that meet any of these criteria. As you can see above in the photo carousel I typed in faulkner as the author and got several results.

My next test was to try the barcode scan feature to search for a textbook. Here is a snapshot of the book I used for this purpose…

barcode scan screenshot

The results were immediate! The scan kicked in right away and a few seconds later the app coughed up the author’s name, a list of online book sellers, their price for the book and even the site associated with the link in case you wanted to tap through and buy it.

Since I have the book I’ll pass on this purchase, but hey… maybe the next time.

I do think the barcode scan feature would prove to be real handy when out book shopping as it gives you a way to compare the stated price at the local store with a boatload of online sellers prices. If I found a huge discrepancy I would haggle at the register, why pay more than you have too?

Overall the app is 100% responsive and a great little utility to have around when in need. I say download it and access it when the need arises.

TextbookMe - The Cheap Textbook Search Engine - Pure Creations, Inc.

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