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Posted by Steve on 02 24, 2010


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After giving Thumpies a whirl on the iPhone, I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is exactly what the App Store needs right now.  It’s original and wacky game-play is a refreshing approach that delivers a new angle on “rhythm based” gaming.  Big Blue Bubble has developed an app that combines vibrant graphics, wild little characters and great sound effects & music – all in an app that has a truly unique spin.

These odd-ball characters and levels within the game get an A+ for originality and art design.  Music and sound effects are spot on, matching the bizarre yet brilliant theme.  The whole game has a polished appeal to it and you can really tell the developers had a lot of fun letting their imaginations run wild.

The game is simple to pick up: Touch a pad when a Thumpie lands to play music and earn points.  If you miss, you lose points.  Fill the green meter bar to progress.

When starting a game you first get a chance to select from three difficulties, (easy, medium or hard).  Music starts to play and Thumpies begin to fall from the sky towards the ground which contain tree stumps and mushrooms.  It’s these tree stumps and mushrooms that you must tap simultaneously as the Thumpies hit these items.  Time it perfectly and you’ll be well on your way to advancing to harder levels.  Get good enough and watch the Thumpies become charged with an electric glow that gets you extra points.  At first, juggling with one of the Thumpies is pretty easy and predictable but take note: As you advance the Thumpies become erratic and jump around in difficult-to-follow patterns.  Add that to MORE pads and Thumpies to manage at once and you’ve got one challenging game for your finger tips!  Hope you have some rhythm because you are going to need it.

If you are musically inclined then this game will be easier to play as the Thumpies time their jumping along with the beat.  Even if you’ve mastered the beat it still becomes quite challenging once you throw in multiple Thumpies at once.  On top of that, butterflies swarm around the screen that you need to collect.  This added element definitely throws off your timing and adds to the difficulty.  Make sure you tap the butterflies before the Thumpies gobble em’ up!

There were a few sluggish moments where the music drifted slightly out of sync with the timing of the Thumpies hitting the pads but this was a rare occurrence. The developers recommend having the latest iPhone OS installed prior to downloading the application to help avoid this issue.

Thumpies is a great app and puts a creative new twist on rhythm based games.  If you are into timing games like Tap Tap Revenge and Rock Band then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Thumpies.  I think you’ll really appreciate the game-play, unique theme and overall “toughness”.

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Posted by Steve
on 02 24, 2010
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