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Ultimate Flick Cricket – LOVE HANDLE DEVELOPERS

This iPad game is called Ultimate Flick Cricket and was developed by a team calling themselves the “Love Handle Developers” it’s just out on iTunes and a blast to play so grab it quick…

The app has several playing modes and even has a T2 Championship Series option that allows you to go head to head with all the National Teams. Recently the developers sent us a test flight invitation to check out this new iPad game which simulates the sport of Cricket. Can’t say we’re huge cricket buff’s but WTH we thought we would give it a go…

You can only access the game playing modes by signing into facebook from within the app. On the apps homescreen you’ll the facebook icon at the bottom center of the page. You need to click it and go through the login sequence. You will only have to do this once!

The T2 Championship Tournament mode is a simulator mode which pits you against the other teams. You actually get to protect your wicket and strike the ball bowled at you but when it comes time for the other teams batsman to swing away the system simulates the action. Thus you will never bowl the ball, this game is all about contacting the ball as it is bowled at your batsman.

Here’s how the gameplay works… A ball is bowled at you from the left of the screen it will bounce in front of the box then jettison towards you at varying speeds and heights off the ground. The trick is to knock it with a tap or flick from your finger as it passes through the zone. If you make good contact the ball flies through the air until it hits the scoring zones which are placed around the parameter of your ipad screen.

The scoring zones are varied and at least 50% of the zones are marked out so you have to learn to nick the ball to the right areas in the scoring zones to actually accumulate scores. The developers have randomized these zones so that each time a new batsman steps up to protect the stumps the zones are repositioned.

Don’t worry there is a practice area that gives you plenty of time to learn how to nick the ball.

All of the general rules found in the real game of Cricket are applied here. At least as the batsman is concerned. In tournament mode you get three wickets. Play continues until they have expired! Dot balls and free balls do not cost you anything and you continue to bat until your wickets expire.

The game also has a 3 wicket option and a 2 Overs option. In these modes you can choose to play against random online players or send invites to your facebook friends. The system works a lot like the draw something game where you take your turn and then the game alerts your opponent. In app notifications will alert you whenever a player has completed their round so the flow is golden.

Fact is we like the game a lot. It is fun and promotes a very competitive atmosphere with its two player mode options.

Unfortunately the app is not available on iTunes yet so you’ll just have to stare at the screenshots in envy. We’ll let you know when it is released.

Leave a comment below if you want free app codes when they are available and we’ll see what we can do to get them for you.

These are the features of the game

Ultimate Flick Cricket gets you as close to real-life cricket as possible!

Its as close as you can come to a real life batsman experience without actually playing in a real game of Cricket. Simply flick your finger to hit the ball as the simulator bowls them to you. Great contacts get great scores as you play against the computer, random players or challenge your friends to join in on the action in two player mode.

* UFC World T2 Championship 

  • 6 League Matches, Semi-Finals and Finals
  • Get all 24 Stars and unlock UFC T2 Champions League.

* Turn-based Gameplay 

  • Perfect for gamers-on-the-go! Take turns and play at your own pace.
  • 3 Wickets – Set target by scoring maximum runs with 3 wickets in hand.
  • 2 Overs – Set target by scoring maximum runs in 2 overs.

* Play with Friends on iPad 

  • Challenge friends on Facebook or be automatically partnered with new gaming buddies.

* Push Notifications 

  • Be alerted when it ís your turn to play.

Leave a comment below if you want free app codes when they are available and we’ll see what we can do to get them for you.

Ultimate Flick Cricket - LOVE HANDLE DEVELOPERS

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