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Posted by Steve on 12 29, 2009

VAT and Discount

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VAT and Discount is a handy finance app that allows you to calculate the percentage difference between two amounts. Developed by, VAT and Discount is divided into five categories: Calculating Discount, VAT Calculator, Increase Percent, Percentage Difference, and European VAT rates. Two clicks on the iPhone gets you the calculation, making for a very quick result.

VAT and Discount has an easy-to-use menu design:  You have small navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen containing the five calculation categories. Simply click on the button to access that specific category. Once the calculator is up, all you have to do is enter a top value like Amount, Gross Amount, or Initial Amount. Then a bottom value like Percentage of Discount, VAT Rate, Percentage of Increase, or Final Amount. Click the calculate button and presto! It’s that easy.

One of the good things about VAT and Discount is the fact that it can be used with no Internet connection. This is great if you are in a location with no Internet connection but need to pull some quick numbers. I was recently in a shopping mall that had ZERO Internet connection. This mall had some great After-Christmas sales going on: 50, 60, even 70% off certain products. I was able to use VAT and Discount to find out the exact sales percentage off select items in like five seconds, which really came in handy.

The app is currently FREE, making it a good selection if you are in need of accessing quick calculations, though the developer has introduced small advertisements that pop up. All in all, VAT and Discount performs as advertised. It’s one of those apps that provides a simple yet convenient service. There is also a table to see the VAT in other countries, making it a versatile ally when traveling.

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Posted by Steve
on 12 29, 2009
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