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Posted by TamaraD on 08 2, 2012

YOGA free: Simple asanas for healthy life


YOGA Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes – ARAWELLA CORPORATION


Viaden Mobile, a well-known fitness and health app developer, has combined the best of stress and anxiety management to design its yoga line products for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac – YOGA free app, for example, has already gained a huge response from millions of yoga lovers all over the world thanks to its uniqueness and easy-to-use functionality.

The art of breathing, meditation and posing is greatly presented and explained in the app – every asana has a detailed text, audio and video guidance. There are also 3D muscle models to help you visualize the exercises you do and the way they affect your body. But yoga is not just physical training; it is a way to achieve a harmonious balance of your body, mind and spirit. Some very effective breathing techniques as well as meditation tunes will make the whole process more relaxing and enjoyable.

The app can become a good supplement to your regular fitness routine or a highly beneficial way to relax. You can choose any of the pre-made yoga workouts or create your own from the database of over 250 poses. Your individual preferences are taken into account at each step of personal development: beginner, intermediate, advanced or guru level of experience. The app gives you a chance to consult professional, live support at one click. Using the app you can create and successfully achieve different goals – health, body shape, stretching, etc.

Some extra bonuses will please any yogi: you can buy an individual program from a professional teacher, and there’s an option to add your own asanas and send them to your friends, and many more!

To download from the App Store,
YOGA Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes - ARAWELLA CORPORATION

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